Raise your vibration

Last summer in Glenwood Springs, Co, I went to see an Angel card reader who told me that I needed to raise my vibration level. Boy, did I already know that! I had been off kilter for a year or so and realized that this card reader was right on. I began to see how I had let my vibration level dip severely and began to correct my thinking and thoughts. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to raise your vibration level when you have let it lapse! It is just like that college grade point average; when you put a low grade into the mix, it takes quite a few good numbers to get it back up. That’s how it is with your vibration level. Once it dips… it’s hard to shuck that old, negative way of thinking to get back on the right side of feelings and thoughts.
My card reader said it again, “This card says the same thing. You need to raise your vibration level. Do you understand?” Yep, dahlin, I sure get that. I had been doing quite a bit of judging and some other vibration – lowering things. Come to find out? It is easy to remain mired in the muck! I never doubted that I could easily get back to my natural higher vibration level, but baby, it ain’t that easy! I began by looking into opening my Chakras and doing a little meditation. I couldn’t stay focused enough to meditate. I didn’t have the discipline to cleanse my Chakras and getting back into yoga is almost impossible and I could forget water aerobics.
I get how people just stop doing things because they aren’t easy anymore. I have become unfocused and am working to get back on track. Also, I’m looking at changing course in many ways and look forward to a positive and enlightening future!

Writing and Reading – not for the faint of heart

It is crazy that I haven’t posted in quite awhile, because when I started, I was posting 5 days a week!  I have 15 posts saved that aren’t completed.  You know what happened?  I – all of the sudden – became shy!  I told lots of my friends to come read my blog!  I was having fun and writing and posting and just enjoying it…  Then I became worried about judgement.  How sad is that?  My real friends would never judge me and those who would, well, they really aren’t.  So there.  I broke my silence and “came out” about why I haven’t posted in awhile.  Insecurity is a funny thing that we humans have to deal with every so often.  So here’s to my writing!  So here’s to your reading.  And here’s to your need to judge if you need to…

You be you…I’ll just write and post.

Notes to a new teacher

Dear Fledgling New Teacher,

It doesn’t help you to know that all teachers were first year or new teachers, so let’s just get to it! Here’s some advice:

For your personal growth and well-being as an educator:
1.) Get a journal and write down the good things that happen in your classroom – even if you write sporadically. It is really nice to look at on those days when you wonder why the hell you thought you wanted to be a teacher anyway!
2.)Keep a folder of kudos; again this will cheer you when you are deep in despair. Place cards, notes, anything that applauds your hard work in it. It is nice validation. We all need to be validated once in a while. We tend to remember the crappy days and forget the really great days in education and life as well.
3.)Don’t listen to the negative things that go on in the lounge. It is really easy to get caught up in that mess. If you can’t rise above the negative, stay outta the lounge!

For your ability to be a good teacher:
Next, you must plan, plan and plan and then be really flexible. Over plan so that you always have something for your students to do. Down time only gets you and students in trouble!
Believe that everyone who comes through your door didn’t get there easily and they will HEAR and REMEMBER everything you say to them, so pretend you are being recorded every second of the day, because you probably are.

Next, you must let the child win or “save face.” This is the most important advice that you will ever hear! Let it go in class and deal one on one with students. Don’t overly reprimand a student in class unless he is a danger to others. Ask him to step out in the hall. Never get into a showdown because you will not win!

If you don’t like the classroom, get out and find a new job. You have to love your students… it isn’t a vocation; it isn’t a job; it is a LIFE.
Good Luck! And now you will be an excellent teacher! May the Force be with you!

If you are excited, they will be, too

Getting reluctant, alternative school students into the library is a challenge… This is not a disciplinary school; it is a school where students are behind or off track, and we help them get back on track.  But, still, many don’t read, so how do they ever make the trek to the library?

We get students almost every week, so I asked the counselor; “when you check a student into our school, would you bring them by the library?”  This way (1) they find out where the library is, (2) I introduce myself, (3) I find out if they like reading and if they don’t (4) I ask them to please give me a chance – just 5 minutes to tell them about some books.  Usually they come back!  Yes, they do and usually after 5 minutes they leave with a book and a promise to read at least 20 pages before they decide to like it or hate it.   It is quite pushy, so what?  Call me the pushy librarian.  We have readers at this school now.

It is real strange that teachers forget to include the library and research or free reading into the curriculum.  Well, maybe not so strange – they have so much to cover in so little time!  I ask teachers to come to the library with their classes each 9 weeks, but if they can’t do that (4) times; I ask them to come in each semester (2) times.  Sometimes they only get down to the library with their students for 10 or 15 minutes , but that is long enough to “sell” a few books.  Someone will take a book or two!

In the halls, I see students who haven’t come by the library and go up to them, “Hi, I’m the librarian!  I haven’t seen you in the library yet!  When do you think you can come by and visit?”  Usually that very day the student comes in! 

You may say, “Sure, that’s easy for you to do, you have a small school.”  Even when I had 2 campuses and 3200 students, I did that.  It always gets students in the library because they see that someone cares about them and notices them.

The main way that I have such a large book check out is because I ready Young Adult books through the school year (summers are for adult books).  I book talk like crazy!  If there is a book I haven’t read, I ask the student to come back and tell me about it.  They do that especially if they loved the book and then I tell the next student, “Oh, a girl just read this and loved it!  She said I had to read it, so you might want to try it.”  Simple?  Yep, and they take the book!

Really, to “sell” the books and the library to teachers and students, you HAVE to get out there and advertise!